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The Top Non Phone Work at Home Jobs Hiring Right Now

Do you love talking on the phone, fulfilling receptionist duties, answering customer service calls or handling sales calls? Then this blog post is not for you.

This post is all about those of you who are looking for non phone work at home jobs to make money. Dislike taking phone calls unless it’s personal and even then those calls are kept to a minimum as you’re an introvert.

It’s about how and where to find non phone work at home jobs that will hire you so that you don’t have to face or talk to the public on the phone. The information below will help you with this kind of remote job search dilemma.

In recent years, the work at home landscape has been gaining popularity due to the rapid advancement in technology. This has made it possible to work from anywhere in the world in different industries without you even having to communicate via phone.

There are simple and beginner-friendly non-phone work from home jobs that you can easily choose from. So if you’re like me and a bit of an introvert and dislike talking on the phone this article is for you.

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Some of the more popular remote jobs will be highlighted that are all non-phone jobs that you can do from home plus there’s a helpful guide on where you can find jobs that won’t have you on the phone.

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Top Reasons for Wanting Non-Phone Work from Home Jobs

There are many reasons why you may not want to work from a phone. Some of the reasons might be as follows:

  • You live in a noisy neighborhood
  • You have young children or pets that might interrupt you while working at home
  • You are an introvert and very shy when speaking with people on the phone and in person
  • You have a strong accent but your written English is impeccable
  • You enjoy working alone

These are just a few reasons for doing non-phone jobs. With this in mind, here are some jobs that you can consider to start doing that can earn you a full-time income where you don’t really need to use a phone.

Types of Jobs That Don’t Require Talking on The Phone

1. Chat Customer Support and Email Management

If you enjoy assisting people but prefer not to use a phone, you can provide customer service through email and live chat customer support. You can even provide a full email management service for your client along with being an email customer support person.

Non phone work at home job course of email management
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Many companies that hire email and customer support chat agents require workers to have speedy and accurate typing. This type of non-phone job position requires you to reply to customer query messages and emails.

You can now learn how to do this highly requested job without making calls from the comfort of your home as part of the #FullyBookedVA course.

2. Transcription Typing Jobs

Transcription typing jobs allow you to convert video or audio files to text. The demand for medical and legal transcription services has grown significantly along with general transcription.

Online business owners like vloggers and podcasters also look for transcribers to convert their online episodes to texts to use as blog posts and show notes.

>>>You can find out where to find some of the best transcription opportunities just read this post even if you are a newbie.

I have personally provided this service in the past and it helped me a great deal in the early stages of my work from home career. I actually still have a few people who I do transcription for because I just absolutely love their content.

woman doing non phone transcription job
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Sign up for this FREE mini-course to see if this would be a great work from home job for you.

3. Freelance Writer/Copywriter Positions

Businesses are continually looking for content writers to write their blog posts, articles, newsletters, email automation, landing pages and advertising copies. If you enjoy writing and doing research then this is the perfect non-phone work from home job.

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Write your way to 1k. The best freelance writing course to start as a non-phone work at home job.
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Each writing assignment brings new ideas for you to learn whether you are an experienced writer or a beginner. As your skill grows you will become more in demand and can quickly start to increase your rates.

To find out more about becoming a freelance writer check out this in-depth post on how to become a phenomenal freelance writer.

I provide this service for other bloggers in the personal finance and work from home niche and it can be very lucrative. If you would like to gain the write skills (see what I did there), I suggest you sign up for the course that I took.

4. Editing and Proofreading

Editing and proofreading is another non-phone home-based job that is flexible. Editing involves working on how documents are structured. On the other hand, proofreading entails spotting errors and correcting them in text.

This is one of the best non-phone jobs that you can do. It’s a task that may only require corresponding with the client via email when sending documents back and forth for proofreading.

If you want to learn how to do this the right way I suggest you dedicate some time and listen to the General Proofreading and Theory workshop by the well-regarded Caitlin Pyle.

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5. Virtual Assistant

You can work online with clients and companies if you have skills in secretarial or administrative tasks that do not involve talking over the phone. You can help with email, project, social media management and other technical tasks.

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There are a whole range of valuable services that you can offer virtually. You may initially need to have a phone or video call but once you and the client have signed contracts to get the work done everything else can be done electronically via email. Check out this mini-course as a first step into a VA non-phone work at home position.

6. Search Engine Evaluation

Your job as a search engine evaluator is to analyze search engine results to ascertain their accuracy and determine if they are timely and free from spam. Search engine evaluation also involves determining if the keywords used are relevant for search engines.

7. Data Entry

Data entry is also a non-phone work at home job popular for crowdsourcing tasks. It provides a huge demand for work and a large supply of employees worldwide. As such, it attracts lower rates on an hourly basis.

However, data entry is a good opportunity to get started on making a side income from home. You can read more about remote data entry jobs right here.

8. Bookkeeping

You can also conduct bookkeeping from the comfort of your home. Although many clients looking for bookkeepers do not need any certification, taking a training course to understand the general accounting skills or apprenticing under bookkeepers who are successful can help you get your first job.

Woman on laptop doing bookkeeper online course

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Right now you can actually take an online bookkeeping course and become a virtual bookkeeper. You can learn a lot more about it right here just sign up for the 3 FREE classes.

9. Social Media Manager

If you know how to use most of the social media platforms then you could easily provide your services to others and save them tons of time. Use this skill of engaging an audience and increasing business as the behind the scenes person to your influencing client.

Billions of people use social media everyday so it would be wise to take advantage of this in-demand medium by choosing a non-phone work social media career that you can make great money from.

No phone needed to perform this task just the skill to be able to analyze, create content, promote ads, and monetize content for potential clients.

A great way to learn how to do this well with all the latest techniques is through the International Open Academy Social Media Manager course.

If you can learn the right way how to do social media management for yourself you can offer social media services to others and get paid. You can find out more by reading this post or learn more by clicking on the button below for more details.

Watch the quick welcome video where you’ll be taught by the highly sought after Latasha James who has a wealth of experience as a freelance social media manager and you won’t get it cheaper anywhere else. Super discounted by 80% where you pay only $19. Yes, you read right.

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10. Social Media Content Designer

If you’re looking for something more creative as a non-phone job then why not create and design social media content for all the various platforms.

Don’t’ waste time just scrolling through social media use your Canva or Photoshop skills to make money as a social media content designer.

Social media templates to do non phone work
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If you want a quick easy way to design content then you can create your own templates or update readymade templates to quickly design lots of content. Create beautiful and engaging templates for Instagram or Facebook stories, banners, ads and many more.

Companies You Can Work for That Do Not Need a Phone

Non-Phone Jobs with Voicehub

Voicehub is a virtual phone system and a broadband phone service. Sounds strange that they are an actual virtual phone service doesn’t it?

They offer work from home opportunities as social media representatives to conduct and monitor social media campaigns on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook so no phone work required. Other non-phone work from jobs may include web development and marketing.

List of Non-Phone Work from Home Companies

While finding non-phone work from home jobs that are legit and even pay on a weekly basis may sound like a dream and not quite real, there are definitely legitimate companies that offer remote or work from home job opportunities out there that don’t require you to be on the phone.

Here is a list of scam-free non-phone work at home companies that you can sign up to. You can even check out the status of these companies by other users on Glassdoor or the BBB. If you want to know the pay range you can also easily research the information on Payscale to get an idea.

The Best guide for work at home jobs that require no phones


This company is always on the lookout for new inbox managers for their clients and you can work from anywhere. Your job is to take care of the client’s inbox and bring it down to a manageable level. No experience necessary as training will be given but you must be motivated, and have excellent communication skills.


Quicktate is a work from home-based company that recruits workers for transcription services. They pay their workers weekly to transcribe different types of video or audio recordings.


TranscribeMe is another company that provides work from jobs for transcribers. You are required to undergo a registration process, training and take an exam course. Successful applicants are then offered paid work paid every week.

Virtual Office VA

This is a staffing company that recruits administrative assistants or virtual assistants as independent contractors. They also provide data entry, research writing, and chat support.


Upwork is an online marketplace for freelance work from home professionals. A wide range of freelance jobs is posted daily from different types of companies looking for services such as writing, customer service, editing, and proofreading services.


Gramlee also offers non-phone work from home jobs for editors and proofreaders. Clients are constantly uploading proofreading and editing tasks on the platform.


Appen provides another excellent source of non-phone work from home jobs in search engine evaluation and social media management.


Site5 is a web hosting company that provides live chat for their clients and people visiting their website. They have job openings for chat agents from time to time to assist their clients and visitors.


Belay offers non-phone work from jobs such as bookkeeping, content writing, and administrative tasks. You can take your management and administrative skills to the next level by taking up a wide range of duties from belay from home.

The Cheat Sheet

Cheat Sheet company is always looking for freelance entertainment writers to join their group of remote workers. You can become a content writer, search engine optimization (SEO) specialist, or a marketing strategist.


Ipsy also provides non-phone customer care representative jobs where your role is to recommend solutions to situations or respond to emails about the specific products they have. They also offer a variety of engineering and marketing jobs that may be the best solution for your non-phone work from jobs

The Chat Shop

Jobs at the Chat Shop are always in great demand. This is a UK-based company that provides live chat agents from the UK and US to companies and small businesses around the world. You will be handling live chats within customer care, sales and marketing and operational departments.


If you want an email or chat job, Zapier is frequently seeking out workers to fill this position. They also hire workers in marketing, engineering and development fields.

Crowd Content

Crowd Content is a platform that focuses on the curation of blog posts, writing articles, ghostwriting, product descriptions, copywriting, development of local SEO city pages and SEO writing. You can select your project based on your expertise.

If you’re looking for flexible and non-phone remote work FlexJobs can help you find legit remote jobs. Sign up to join FlexJobs.

Final Thoughts on Non-Phone Work at Home Jobs

When it comes to non-phone work from home jobs, there are different types of jobs and an endless list of companies that often hire workers for these tasks.

Based on your availability and interest, you can try one or several ideas. Some of these jobs allow you to choose your own working hours and require no experience when starting out.

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