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18 Best Home Office Gifts for Guys (2022 Guide)

18 Best Home Office Gifts for Guys (2022 Guide)

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Looking for the best home office gifts for guys? Give the businessmen in your life a gift they’ll love with one of these top picks.

In the past couple of years, working from home has become completely normalized – with more and more people preferring to work remotely, whether from their homes or as digital nomads.

If you have a male figure in your life, you might find that finding gifts for a man’s office can be tricky. Especially if he has his home office setup already figured out. But, he might be missing a thing or two that could simplify his work from home experience.

Below, you’ll find the best home office gifts for guys, whether they’re a seasoned work from homer or a newbie still learning the ropes.

Best Home Office Gifts for Guys: At a Glance

No time to read the whole guide? Here are our five top picks for gifts for people who work from home.

Best Home Office Gift For… Product 
The guy that needs help staying organizedDocking Station
The eco-conscious workerRocketbook Smart Notebook 
The guy that uses their phone a lotWireless Charging Mousepad
The multi-taskerTRIO – Portable Dual & Triple Screen Laptop Monitor
The guy that deserves to be splurged onEcho Snow

Great Home Office Gifts for Guys 

Docking Station

Even when working from home, you can still misplace things. Is your guy always scrambling about last-minute looking for his keys or wallet? This sleek wood docking station might be the answer.

This nifty object has holders for your wallet, keys, glasses, wedding bands, and other trinkets. Not only that, but it has two connecting charging slots fitted for both Android and iPhone devices.

Simply pull your charging cords through the allotted holes to use these charging slots. Then place your devices on the docking station and connect their recharging wires for a wire-free charging station for your desk.

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Personalized Portfolio

Personalizing someone’s gift shows that you care about them and adds sentimental value to the item. Personalizing something they’ll use every day, like a portfolio, means that they’ll think of the gift giver every time they use it. That is why these vegan leather portfolios are the perfect gifts for his desk.

The document organizer has everything they’d need to stay ready for their next Zoom presentation or meeting. It is also great for digital nomads on the go as it has pockets for keys, cards, and a 10-inch tablet.

There’s also a notepad holder for jotting down quick notes and more than enough storage space to hold extra pens or highlighters.

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Calming Tabletop Fountain

We won’t bore you with the specifics but, according to plenty of scientific research, workplace stress levels are at an alarmingly high rate. 

While working from home may alleviate some of the stress, it could also be adding stress for others. If you notice that your guy’s stress levels may be rising, try this relaxing gift for men’s home office.

This stylish three-tier calming tabletop fountain offers a relaxing sound of trickling water against natural stones. At only 8.1 x 7.25 inches, It is compact enough to fit even a small home office. At night, it also offers soft mood lighting as yellow lights shine on the tiers.

You don’t need to worry about cleaning it as the pump circulates the water for you, meaning less algae build-up. There’s also an on and off switch and a guide for easy control.

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Echo Show

If you have someone in your life worth splurging on, this is the way to do it. The Alexa Echo Show has everything you need in one display.

Video meetings are made easy on this device’s 10-inch HD screen with a 13 MP camera. The speakers allow for clear sound whether they’re on a call or just want to listen to some lo-fi beats while typing away.

Privacy is essential while conducting business, especially from home. That is why this device has a built-in manual camera shutter and an on and off switch for your mic.

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Noise Canceling Headphones

Neighborhoods can be noisy. Whether it’s kids playing in the street, a neighbor mowing the lawn, or dogs barking in the distance. Almost anyone working from home will appreciate these noise-canceling headphones, whether it’s a special someone in your life or your work colleagues.

These headphones have a sleek design with memory foam ear cups for ultra-comfort for long use. It is wireless and offers up to 40 hours of playtime between charges. The device also has four microphones which offer clear sound with enhanced noise cancellation for important calls.

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Wireless Charging Mouse Pad

Life gets busy, and sometimes we forget to charge our devices. That is why this wireless charging mouse pad is one of the best office gifts for him if he’s always running out of battery life.

The extended mouse pad fits a large desk area and can hold a keyboard, mouse, and other work accessories.

The device charging section is to the side and out of your way. It works with most Samsung phones, iPhones, and AirPods. The handy light sensor alerts the user when their device is charging or fully charged.

As if wireless charging mats aren’t brilliant enough, this non-slip rubber mouse pad has RGB lights. It creates the ultimate mood lighting for motivation while working throughout the night. This cool mouse pad has seven colors and three light settings to fit the productive mood.

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Rocketbook Smart Notebook 

If you’re looking for cool office gifts for guys who are eco-conscious, these 36-page smart notebooks will help you save the trees and cut down on ink costs.

The easiest way to describe Rocketbook is a whiteboard notebook that you write on and wipe clean when done. You can use any Pilot Frixion pen, highlighter, or marker for your notes.

If you’re hoping for more long-lasting notes, simply download the app and start scanning them. Through the app, you can send your notes to almost any cloud service, including Evernote, iCloud, Google Drive, and Slack.

The Rocketbook also comes in different colors to suit your favorite guy’s style. This is important as he’ll never need to buy another notebook in his life.

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Novium Hover Pen

We’re assuming that the guy you’re buying gifts for deserves an office pen that isn’t like ordinary pens you’ll find on the market.

Well, you’ll be glad to hear that Novium’s hover pen takes you out of the 21st century and into the future. This smart and sleek design allows the pen to float in its holder for a cool effect, which doubles as an eye-catching centerpiece too.

The pen uses the German luxury Schmidt ballpoint cartridges for a smooth writing experience. This is the perfect gift for that person that has all the office basics covered. 

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Standing Desk


If you’re looking for a gift for a traditional office working guy, chances are they’re still using a regular desk. But, there are many benefits to a standing desk, which include improved back pain and posture.

This motorized standing desk is adjustable to fit any height size, which helps make the transition from sitting to standing much easier. The deskspace is big enough to hold all necessary work accessories. But to save space, the desk has added grommets to allow for storage of any wires, bags, or headphones for easy reach.

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Monitor Memo Board

This monitor memo board is the next best thing to a second monitor without splurging too much.

It is easy to use and attaches to the monitor with a 3M sticker which doesn’t damage the screen. The simple, clear plastic design also comes with a phone holder with an added slot that allows a phone charger to pass through.

It is a great gift for the guy who loves writing out memos and to-do lists by hand.

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Monitor Stand Organizer

This gift is perfect for the at-home worker that doesn’t have much desk space. 

By having an under-monitor stand organizer, they can make use of as much storage space as possible while still keeping their neck and posture in check.

The metal organizer has a no-fuss design with side pockets for extra storage potential. Here, the user can store any loose stationery or electrical devices.

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World Clock

If you’re buying men’s office gifts for a man working in an international time zone, they will no doubt appreciate this contemporary world clock.

Not only is it functional, but it is also a fantastic centerpiece for any man’s desk. It is available in copper and black for a timeless look in any office. Instead of numbers, it displays the time in words backlit by soft white light to highlight the time.

Plug it into a power source through its USB adapter or power cable to start lighting up this conversation starter.

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Dual & Triple Screen Laptop Monitor

The best office gift for men who love to multitask is another laptop monitor. Constantly switching between screens can lose so much time. A second or third screen allows them to easily jump from video calls to documents to Excel spreadsheets in an instant.

All they have to do is plug in their monitors to the USB-C or USB-B ports, and they’re ready to start seeing double. The screens can attach to laptops, smartphones, and even gaming devices for those sneaky in-between work breaks.

Easily switch between portrait or landscape mode by simply rotating the device. They can also attach the screen to the back of the laptop, which comes in handy for days when they need to do in-person presentations.

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Fidget Desk Toy

Office gift ideas for him don’t always have to be about business – mixing business with fun is key to a happy career.

This fidget illusion toy will keep the man in your life entertained between important business calls. As soon as you move it, the sphere creates an amazing illusion that keeps you engaged.

The aluminum ball is small at about 1.4 x 1.5 inches. The small size makes it the perfect gift for colleagues or anyone looking for a fidget toy to keep their hands busy.

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Under Desk Foot Rest

Self-care is important for any working man, whether it’s from home or the office. So, buying self-care products to work from home might inspire him to add them to his work routine.

Start small by adding this under desk footrest to their work from home kit. This memory foam footstool has an ergonomic design that’s breathable and heat-responsive. This position allows leg circulation, cut off by long hours spent in a chair.

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Mini Fridge

This retro 10 x 7-inch mini fridge is the perfect home office gift idea for him or anyone working from home.

The fridge can hold up to four liters or six cans. Use it to store snacks, energy drinks, or fruits for a quick pick-me-up throughout the workday.

Engineered with thermoelectric technology, your beverages will not only be refreshingly cold, but it will also help the environment.

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Coffee Mug Warmer

Unless it’s an iced coffee, no one likes a cold cuppa joe. But, sometimes, life and work get in the way, and you simply can’t finish your drink before it cools down.

Fear not, cold coffee loathers. This coffee mug warmer is coming to the rescue. This compact disk warms up beverages in under two minutes. After that, they can use it to keep cups consistently warm.

It has a long cord which makes it easy to move around in the office. The red indicator light shows when the device is on and lights up when your beverage is at the perfect drinking temperature.

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Modern Desk Lamp

Home office lighting is a very essential part of any home office. It sets the mood for the day (or night) and good lighting helps to minimize eye strain.

This Tree of Light modern desk lamp knows how important light and technology are. That is why they don’t just provide a stylish lamp, but also a Bluetooth speaker and wireless phone charger in one.

The Bluetooth speaker offers clear sound that can be linked to another lamp for optimal sound reach. Whereas the wireless charger allows fast charging for all wireless charging enabled devices.

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Final Thoughts on Best Home Office Gifts for Him  

This list of office desk gifts for him has everything from cool gadgets to items creating a zen workspace. And, while their office may already be set up at home, there’s always room for improvement with the likes of a posture improving desk or chair.

Whether you’re shopping for a brother, boyfriend, husband, or dad, you can’t go wrong with any of the items on these gift ideas for men’s office – though our top picks are the standing desk and the docking station.