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50 Best Virtual Assistant Services to Offer as a Newbie

50 Best Virtual Assistant Services to Offer as a Newbie

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Want to Become a  Virtual Assistant? Don’t Know What to Offer?

Are you thinking about working from home? How about becoming a Virtual Assistant? You probably have a lot of the in-demand skills already but don’t even realize it.

In this post, you’re going to find out the 50 most in-demand and best Virtual Assistant services you can offer as a newbie all from the comfort of your home today.

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Who is a Virtual Assistant?

First of all, let’s get one thing straight. A virtual assistant is not just a glorified secretary a virtual assistant is an Independent Contractor who can carry out various administrative, creative, technical, and managerial tasks from outside of a traditional office, usually from a home-based office.


The phrase Independent Contractor means that you the VA who is hired by a client is fully responsible for your workspace, paying your taxes, benefits, expenses etc. All the client does is pay you for the work that you do whether it be by the hour or a flat weekly/monthly rate.

As we move into the world where there are more businesses starting up via the internet the request for Virtual Assistants has grown over the years and the demand is climbing as employers see the benefits of investing in them.

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Statistics show that the option to work remotely or in a hybrid form has increased since the pandemic and it also found that work from home employees are more productive than when they worked in the office. You can read more about it in the recent FlexJobs survey.

If you want to know the real ins and outs of becoming a Virtual Assistant you might want to take this great in-depth course.

The best virtual assistant services to offer

Who Needs a Virtual Assistant?

The main demand for Virtual Assistants are entrepreneurs, small businesses and startups. Why? Because of their business size.

The entrepreneur might not at the present time have the budget to have a full-time employee and provide all the benefits that come with it.

A small business might need a VA for only 5-10 hours per week to do general tasks or work on a special project that is time-consuming.

The great benefit of this is once the client starts to see positive results on how they themselves are becoming more productive due to the fact that they no longer have to do everything themselves, they will start to let go and assign more tasks and give you more hours.

A small business owner will realize that they do not have all the skills or the time to successfully run their business in the most productive way and may need additional help to save them valuable time.

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For instance, an entrepreneur may not have the time to go through all their emails and may need a VA to manage their email account and reply to queries.

The business owner might be great at creating a wonderful product but not really good at planning and promoting the product in the right way. A Virtual Assistant can help with this and many other tasks.

So today you’re going to find out a whole range of tasks that can be outsourced to you as a Virtual Assistant. Just remember a virtual assistant can do a range of freelancing tasks and not just restricted to administration. You can be a specialized virtual assistant.

You might be wondering that you’re just a VA newbie and that your virtual assistant business is only in the beginning stages. What can you offer?

First of all, you need to be organized. That is the number one quality to have. Second, you must be willing to learn new programs and applications. Third, don’t forget to check on skills, past job experience and hobbies that you already have.

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Lastly, once you have discovered which services you enjoy and are good at those are the ones you should offer to potential clients.

You can find more details about the best courses to take to start your work from home Virtual Assistant Business right here.

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To get you going here is a list of 50 Best Virtual Assistant services to offer as a newbie:

50 Best Virtual Assistant Services

  1. Appointment Setter/Scheduler
  2. Calendar Management
  3. Travel Arranging and Planning
  4. Email Management
  5. Email Marketing
  6. Data Entry
  7. Database Management
  8. Live Chat Representative
  9. Social Media Management
  10. Facebook Ad Creator
  11. Document Conversion
  12. Audio or Video Conversion
  13. Copy Writer
  14. Content Curator
  15. Content Management
  16. Freelance Writer
  17. Newsletter Creator
  18. Proofreader
  19. Editor
  20. Landing Page Designer
  21. Ebook Writer
  22. Ebook Cover Designer
  23. Course Creator
  24. Pinterest Virtual Assistant
  25. Pinterest Manager
  26. Pinterest Designer
  27. Transcriber
  28. Translator
  29. Logo Designer
  30. T-shirt Designer
  31. Product Mock-up Designer
  32. Product Description Writer
  33. Business Card Designer
  34. Slide Presentation Designer
  35. Infographic Designer
  36. Video Editor
  37. Intro and Outro Video Designer
  38. Bookkeeper
  39. Accountant
  40. Voiceover Artist
  41. Podcast Editor
  42. SEO Specialist
  43. Event Planner
  44. Wedding Event Planner
  45. Photography
  46. Stock Photo Creator
  47. Web Designer
  48. Online Business Coach
  49. Resume Writer
  50. Business Plan Writer

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Final Words on Virtual Assistant Servies to Offer

This extensive list of 50 Best Virtual Assistant Services covers a wide range of freelancing skills and a lot of them you can do without any formal qualifications. All you need is the willingness to learn and everything else will fall into place.

As long as you can offer a service where you do not need to physically be in the client’s office then you are a Virtual Assistant, you are virtually assisting them with their requests, tasks and projects.

You might find this post useful to get the right attitude to be a successful VA.

I’ve shared 50 Best Virtual Assistant Services can you think of any more services that you could offer? It would be great if you could share with others in case they’ve been thinking about what to do for a work from home virtual business. Pin any of the images for a bookmark back to this post.

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50 vest Virtual Assistant Services to offer as a newbie. Expand your skills and make money online by becoming a work from home virtual assistant. #virtualassistant #workfromhome #bestworkfromhomejobs


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