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Hotel Mystery Shopper Jobs that Pay You To Sleep In Hotels

Some people have all the fun. Imagine being paid to vacation at a hotel that you didn’t need to pay to go to in the first place. Sounds too good to be true right? Well, that’s exactly how I felt when I first learned about the whole concept of Hotel Mystery Shopping Jobs.

I wanted to find out more so, like any inquisitive person, I went ahead and conducted my research. Turns out getting paid to sleep in hotels is a pretty legit source of income. Not to mention how lucrative the business of Hotel Mystery Shopping really is.

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What is Mystery Shopping?

So what is Mystery Shopping anyway? Well, in simple terms it is a form of market research done by data collecting companies. 

They are hired to conduct and evaluate products and services anonymously using various methods such as surveys, phone calls, in person assessments, written and recorded product or service reviews, and even photo taking and video recording. 

For instance, you may have experienced a business wanting to know how good or possibly how bad their customers think they are performing? They would usually ask you to fill out a survey. 

From this survey, they’d be able to obtain information about their performance and how they can better serve their customers in the future. Mystery Shopping is basically the same as engaging customers with a survey only this time with a much more creative spin.

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How to get paid to sleep in hotels as a hotel mystery shopper.

What is Hotel Mystery Shopping?

Within the business of Hotel Mystery Shopping, your main task is to go to a hotel and pose as a regular guest, while taking note of particular details. These details may include the hotels customer service culture, product pricing, entertainment value, or food prep quality.

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What Does the Role of a Hotel Mystery Shopper Entail?

Depending on the company through which you are employed your job description as a Hotel Mystery Shopper, otherwise known as a Hotel Reviewer if done as a full-time job, may vary but generally speaking the work undertaken will be done through the use of a hotel mystery shopper checklist and will involve the following:

  1. Taking note of things, you noticed upon arrival – For example, did the grounds appear properly maintained? Did you feel warmly welcomed by staff members? Did you encounter any problems during check-in?
  1. Documenting things you noticed during your stay – For example, what was the attitude of your housekeeper? Was the condition of your room when you first entered pleasing to the eye? 

Did the hotel provide all the amenities listed? Such as entertainment, gym, meeting rooms. Was the food in the restaurants of good standard? What was the response you got when you asked for room service? Did the appearance of the walkways suggest that they were regularly cleaned?

  1. Observing things, you noticed as your stay came to an end – For example, were staff members strict on checkout times? Were you treated better on days you gave tips? Would you consider staying at the hotel again in the future? Would you recommend a stay at this hotel to your friends? 

Having compiled all this information during your stay, once you leave you will be required to fill this information into your Shopper’s Report then give a general summary of your experience at the hotel throughout your stay. 

That’s all you will be asked to do, nothing less, nothing more. You won’t be penalized for giving your honest review and regardless of whether your review was good or bad you will still receive your compensation.

How Much Can You Earn as a Hotel Mystery Shopper?

A Hotel Mystery Shopper salary to the best of my knowledge does not have a standard set price that you will be paid as the job itself is highly dependent on a number of external factors such as who you work for, how long the job takes, and the exact assignment you are given to do.

Generally, however, your trip will be an all-expenses-paid one or you may be asked to pay the bill up front and then be reimbursed once the assignment is complete. This is just one of the many ways to get paid to travel jobs.

In addition, since it is that your review is a large part of what the hiring companies are interested in hearing, once your trip comes to an end and you provide your review, you could earn up to $200USD.

Just to add that a Hotel Mystery Shopper is not to be mistaken for an official Hotel Reviewer which can be a very lucrative full-time position, with the national average in the US being around $52,000 if you are recruited directly through a hotel parent company.

Is a Hotel Mystery Shopper Job Right for You?

Without a doubt, a job as a Hotel Mystery Shopper will not be for everyone. However, if you love to travel, experience new places, and don’t mind giving an observant eye while enjoying your stay at a selected hotel or resort, a hotel testing job could be the perfect fit for you.

Of course, because you would be working in the hotel and travel business and hotels in some countries are only seasonally open, at times a job as a Hotel Mystery Shopper may be a good pick for part-time or occasional work rather than full-time. 

It’s also important to note that the hotels you visit as a Mystery Shopper don’t necessarily have to be overseas or far out of your way.

So if you’re interested in getting paid to enjoy a quick weekend getaway with your friends, grab your suitcase and weekend bag to easily opt for an assignment at a hotel that is close by to you.

Where Can You Find Hotel Mystery Shopper Jobs?

When I was first introduced to the idea of Hotel Mystery Shopping, I was pleasantly surprised by its popularity and legitimacy because let’s be honest, why would someone pay you to sleep in their hotels anyway? 

Contrary to my own thoughts on the matter, it turns out there are quite a few high-end luxury hotels who don’t mind putting their money where their mouth is and hiring Mystery Shoppers to give them honest reviews about their experiences at their hotels.

While some hotels will hire luxury hotel reviewers independently, others will utilize third-party agencies to perform the Mystery Shopper hiring and some companies recruit globally. The more popularly known Mystery Shopper agencies include:

If you’re an avid traveller you can also become your very own Hotel Tester if you have a travel blog and a social media following and provide a regular hotel critique. Even better if you have experience within the tourism and hospitality industry.

Another avenue is if you have a travel blog that becomes popular enough you may just start getting those invites to review hotels, guest houses and villas around the world.

How to Avoid Hotel Mystery Shopper Job Scams?

While the job of being a Mystery Shopper is a completely legitimate one, there are few bad seeds that have given the industry a bad name as being highly scam likely. If you are interested in pursuing a job as a Hotel Mystery Shopper and want to avoid the risk of being scammed, here are a few essential tips:

  1. Adequately research Mystery Shopper Companies and read their reviews prior to signing up with them.
  1. Never wire money as part of your Mystery Shopper assignment
  1. Avoid companies that advertise Mystery Shopper jobs in the ‘Help Wanted’ section of Newspapers.
  1. If it seems too good to be true, it might be so please, proceed with caution.
  1. Avoid companies that charge a fee in return for access to Mystery Shopper jobs.

Final Thoughts

There are a number of ways to get paid for doing the things you love that are 100% legitimate. 

If you enjoy helping to improve customer service and look forward to any opportunity to travel, then a Hotel Mystery Shopper job is probably just what you’re looking for.

Another point to consider is that this type of job is not restricted by country and can be advantageous if you are located in great tourist areas where you have a wide choice or hotels, resorts and guest houses to choose from.

However, if you make the decision to apply to become a Hotel Mystery Shopper please express caution and do thorough research, as there are a few unscrupulous companies posing as Mystery Shopper agencies just waiting to scam innocent persons wanting to find ways to make some extra money.

Now that I’ve shared what I know about how to get paid to review hotels and you’ve found this post helpful why not share it with friends and family who would also love the opportunity to get paid to sleep in hotels around the world.

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