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Weird Jobs That Pay You Good Money

Weird Jobs That Pay You Good Money

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Weird and Wonderful Jobs to Make You Money

Have you ever thought about the many different ways to make money, you know, the non-traditional methods of work? How about finding weird jobs that actually make you money? Yes, there are quite a few unusual job opportunities that I’m sure you have not thought about and I’m going to share a few of them with you today.

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How this weird jobs list came about was my son and I were sitting watching Ah-mazing on YouTube and we learned about a man who made six figures diving for golf balls and as we discussed what we saw my son said that he wanted to be a Master Builder.

If you’re a Lego fan you’ll know what I’m talking about and yes, there are expert men and women all over the world who are Lego Master Builders and earn around $40,000 a year (playing with Lego).

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From the list below you may have even heard about some of these unique jobs and thought that they can’t be real but I assure you that they are.

If you want to start earning money by doing something out of the ordinary then start reading this list of weird jobs that I’ve put together for you and yes you can earn good money doing them.


List of Weird and Unique Jobs That Pay Well

1. Professional Bridesmaid/Groomsmen

Unfortunately, some people do not have solid friendships to rely on for their special wedding day or they might be spontaneous and get married at very short notice.

What do they do? They opt to hire professional bridesmaids or groomsmen who will assist them in everything, including picking up their dresses or suits on their wedding day and parties. Some companies offer such services under the taglines of bridesmaids or groomsmen for hire, and undercover bridesmaids.

2. Professional Sleeper

If you long for a life where you can sleep all day, then this might be your career. Professional sleepers are used for testing the comfort of a mattress and sleep studies.

They can earn an income by just lying around all day. Professional sleepers sleep in a different bed each night and then writes a review about the comfort of every bed. I think I might tell my teenager about this job!

3. Queuing/Standing in Line

No one enjoys queuing, whether it is waiting in the line at the bank, for the release of the latest iPhone, or at the supermarket. You can be a professional queuer and wait in line for other people. Professional queuers get to set their own prices and rates.

weird job woman smelling armpit

4. Fake Wedding Guests

A wedding is a milestone to spend with that special someone. However, some people may only have a few special friends, or their family disapproves of their wedding due to cultural differences. As a result, they refuse to attend. Such people hire wedding guests to act as fake relatives, colleagues, and friends.

5. Professional Mourner

You can earn a good income by attending funerals as a professional mourner. Professional mourners are common in African and Chinese cultures. They are paid to wail, cry and throw themselves at the deceased’s coffin throughout the funeral ceremony.

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6. Face Feeler

Feeling a stranger’s face can be weird and creepy unless, of course, you are visually impaired. In the beauty industry, face feelers get paid to touch faces after skincare products have been used on them. The companies want to know how products feel and how they react to a person’s skin.

7. Professional Cuddler

If you are a kind, understanding and loving person who enjoys cuddling, then you can become a professional cuddler. Some websites offer these services for a substantial amount of income.

The services are based on the fact that human interaction through cuddling lowers levels of stress as a form of therapy and can help in dealing with lack of sleep.

professional cuddlers

8. Body Odor Evaluator

Bad breath is a complete turn off for most people. Getting paid to be exposed to bad breath and other bad smelling body odors does not necessarily make it any better.

However, if you’re brave enough, you can work as a body odor evaluator and earn money by smelling a range of odors such as peoples’ feet, armpits and sniffing their mouths before and after trying products. Body odor evaluators work for chemical products or food companies.

So the next time you use that Speed stick, spray on that Axe or gargle with Listerine just think about the person who tested it for you. Seriously weird right!

9. Life Modelling

You can be a life model if you do not mind strangers staring and looking at your naked body. Life model jobs involve you sitting for hours, having artists paint or draw you. You really need to be confident enough and be able to stay still for long periods of time.

10. Testing Sexual Toys

Another weird and unusual job you probably didn’t know existed in which people earn money is by testing sex toys for adult companies.

While women test a range of stimulating lotions and battery-powered sexual toys men can actually get paid to test condoms. All they need to do is use the toys or condoms provided and give feedback to the manufacturers about their experiences. Who knew!

11. Pet Food Taster

If you are a pet lover, you can earn a good income by testing pet food. People who have pet cats, dogs and other animals want to know the best foods for their pet. They hire pet food tasters to test or compare texture and flavor of various pet food brands. Want to know how much you could earn check out this video?

Woman doing weird job testing pet food

12. Water Slide Tester

Testing water slides may sound fun, but it is a bit a strange job. The job involves rating slides on the adrenaline factor, and how much the water splashes.

For you to qualify as a water slide tester, you most definitely need to be a good swimmer first and not be afraid of heights and be able to write well-observed reports. These jobs are available for 4 -6 months of the year in the Summer months.

13. Human Scarecrow

Yes, this is real! The scarecrow job requires you to stand in the middle of a field. Your work is to scare and chase off the trespassers. It is not a must that you stand all the time as you can sit, but be on the lookout for those pesky birds.

14. Paper Towel Sniffer

Do you have a nose for sniffing out the slightest of scents? Then Sniffing paper towel could be for you and it is a real job. Paper towel companies hire people to smell their towels to ensure no significant odor is present in their products.

For you to be a paper towel sniffer, you should have a strong sense of smell and have no breathing issues.

15. Dog Surfing Instructor

If you’re an adventurous dude who loves surfing then your pet dog can come too. Dog owners can hire people to instruct and teach their dogs how to surf. Some resorts also offer animal training programs. If you love dogs, this job might interest you, and you get to play with dogs most of the time.

16. Live Mannequin/Promotional Model

If you’re great at standing still in various poses and love wearing the latest fashion or posing with the latest gadgets then why not become a live mannequin, Check out this video to see what you could do.

17. Golf Ball Diver

Believe it or not, you can earn really good money as a golf ball diver. Although not a very common job it is a pretty strange job but one that makes total sense. All you need is an open water certification access to the allotted areas, must be able to swim and dive in dark water, must have all your own equipment

Final Thoughts on Weird Jobs That You Can Do

As you can see from this list of seriously creative ways to make money that most of them can be done as side jobs and side hustles. I would never have thought of most of these type of unconventional jobs but they do sound fun. 

What’s great about these unique and weird jobs that pay well is that the majority of them have no age restrictions or limits so you can be a college student over the summer break trying to clear up some student debt, a retiree who may have some spare time, a 9-5er looking to make some extra income or you just love to do unusual things.

There are so many more odd career opportunities to add some that are pleasant like a chocolate taster (my dream job) and some that are not so much, for instance, a Crime Scene Cleaner and I’ll probably update this post with more weird and wonderful jobs.

Whatever you can think of there is someone out there doing that job so put your thinking caps on and find something weird and wonderful that you can earn from. Here’s a great book with even more weird job ideas.

Hey, I just thought of another unique job. Carnival and New Year Parades Designers. There’s got to be somewhere to find out how to become a carnival costume or float designer. I think I’ve got some research to do as I just might have a change of career.

What’s the weirdest job that you’ve ever done? Mine was counting lots and lots of money in big plastic bins to put into cash machine/ATM boxes for a financial security company and no it didn’t pay a lot. I did this as a Saturday job years ago as a student. 

If you can think of some more weird ways to make money then why not share them in the comments.

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