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How You Can Get Paid to Stand In Line

How You Can Get Paid to Stand In Line

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You can make money in ways that may never have crossed your mind but I’m here to share with you that even when you think you have no skills whatsoever you can make those dollars.

Let me share with you how you can get paid to stand in line. For real! It’s a serious and very real business. All you have to do is wait in line for a product or service on behalf of someone to make that money.

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Make Money Standing Around Doing Nothing

Waiting in line for hours can be very frustrating and tiring. Many people who don’t have the time or the patience try to avoid long lines. If there was someone out there who could do this for you, you’d gladly pay them, right? There is, you!

You can sell your service by standing in line doing nothing but waiting to get to the front, to carry out delivery, buy something, or hold the spot until the buyer gets there. Doing this kind of line standing job is known by many names such as: 

  • Line Sitter
  • Line Stander
  • Queue Stander 
  • Queue Professional
  • Professional Line Waiter

The best part is, there is no experience or skill required and can be done by anyone. Teens, pensioners, and even persons with disabilities can become a line sitter.

Simply register with a company or download an app ask the buyer what, where, when, why, how, or who based on what they want, and get paid to stand in line. 

I’m positive you’ve seen long lines of people waiting for the latest sneakers, an upcoming concert, the newest gaming system, and shook your head thinking you would never queue up for hours much less overnight.

But some of them who are standing or sitting in the long queues are actually getting paid to wait in line as a professional line sitter and make good money doing it. You can too.

You can even make a few extra dollars by signing up to Swagbucks while waiting or do a few online errands through TaskRabbit to kill some time.

Where Can You Find Line Sitter Jobs?

You can find line sitter jobs right at your fingertips:

There are also quite a few professional line sitting apps like

  1. Inline4You
  2. Spot Blaze

You can easily download them to your phone from the Apple or Google store. 

Depending on the request some people only want you to hold their space until they arrive, deliver a rare collectible, or for you to collect a package among other things. If you’re going to file paperwork ensure you get all the information needed.

To earn even more money try to network while you wait in line by telling people about your services. This gets more persons interested especially if they’re at the back of a very long line.

If you’re close to the front of a line where there are limited tickets available for example, talk to those at the far back and let them know about your services.

Here’s an excellent example of how it works from the founder of Same Ole Line Dudes who started up this business on mere quick thinking and grabbing an awesome opportunity.

How Much Can a Line Sitter Make?

Being a line stander, you could make up to $25 per hour. People are willing to pay professional line sitters to join lines for them at places known to have the longest lines such as:

  • Concerts
  • Sport Events
  • Movie Theatres
  • Restaurants
  • Amusement PArks
  • Grocery Stores
  • Night Clubs
  • Apple Stores 
  • Auditions

There are also opportunities to earn even more, for example, $35 per hour at certain times of the year when there are extra crowds such as Black Friday, Thanksgiving, Christmas, during bad weather, and the always in demand Apple Store. 

Charging more for these days is only fair for the extreme wait time. Some professional line standers charge a flat rate while others charge $10 for additional hours.

If you’re available this can add up to thousands of dollars per week.

Can You Do a Stand-Inline Job Full Time?

If you want to be a full-time professional line stander that is totally up to you but you will have to network and really market your service. Some persons have flexible jobs and can do both.

As long as you have a smartphone, tablet or laptop you could actually be earning money in other ways online while you wait. Either way, if you choose to do this full time it’s your choice. 

Final Thoughts

Standing in line may take a few hours or a lot more depending on the place, the product and the importance of what you will be doing. Here are some tips:

  • Charge extra for waiting in extreme weather conditions. 
  • Use the bathroom before you leave and avoid drinking too many fluids.
  • Collect 50% of your money for an hour upfront in case someone cancels after you’ve waited in line for hours. 
  • Send photos of before and after where you were in line for accountability. 

You may have thought that because of the pandemic, lockdowns, store closures etc that line standers may have experienced a slow down in business.

Instead, due to this fact, some persons prefer to stay home and not take the risk of waiting in lines they hire a line stander for things like Covid testing lines, issuing of government documents if unable to do online, repeat prescriptions, re-opening of concert and theater lines, sample sales, and more.

One thing to note, this kind of line waiting service is not just restricted to the US they are available in countries all over the world so make sure to check online to see what companies are hiring for this kind of service where you live. Or start up your own.

As mentioned before, this is a flexible job that you can do at almost any age. If you’re a student why not use your vacation time to get paid to stand in line, and if you’re retired why not make some extra dollars to top up your pension? 

After reading this information and finding out about a new way to make money, are you ready to be a line stander/sitter?

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