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25 Best Work from Home Gifts to Get Him or Her This Year

Sometimes working from home is tougher than it may seem. People who work from home face unique problems managing their home office, such as productivity, prioritizing, knowing when to relax, finding time to eat right and stay healthy. Do you want to make it easier for them?

From this best work from home gift guide, I’m going to help you get them gifts that can help them make the most out of their challenging work from home situation.

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If you have friends or someone in your life who is working from home and you’re looking for the perfect gift idea for them, here is a list of best work from home gifts you can get them this holiday season.

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Great Gifts for Someone Working at Home

1. Noise-Canceling Headphones

Concentration is important when working from home especially for working from home parents. This is an ideal gift you can give to a working mom or dad. These great headphones can help tune out the many distractions, get a chance to listen to your favorite podcasts and help you get that work done.

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2. Laptop Bag

A laptop bag is a perfect gift when you work outside of the home sometimes. It can help you easily take your work with you.and you can look stylish while on the move.

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3. Under Desk Elliptical

One of the disadvantages of working from home is that you might not be as active anymore. To help with that here is an ingenious gift idea that can definitely help. A simple way to assist with staying healthy and active even while working at your desk.

Some of these exercise machines also work with your Fitbit to monitor your progress.

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4. Home Office Chair

It’s probably time to give that dining chair a rest and get a great ergonomic office chair for your work at home friend to work comfortably from. Having good posture when sitting at a desk for long periods of time can help in alleviating back pain.

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5. Healthy Snack Bundles

It’s so very very easy to end up craving and snacking on the wrong things when working from home. You can gift your working from home friends or relatives the ultimate snack packages that include all their favorite healthy snacks to keep them fueled during long hours of work.

Even better if you want to make it extra special you can decorate the box or place items and present as a gift basket

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6. Fitness Tracker

Exercise is important even for people who work from home. With a fitness tracker, your friend or family member can monitor and track whatever counts as an exercise. One of the most popular ones out there is the Fitbit with it’s easy to use app.

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7. Planner

A productivity planner is an excellent Christmas gift you can give to your loved one to help them stay organized and to plan for the week, month and year ahead.

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8. Task Lamp

Good lighting is essential when working at night or early morning. Gifting someone a task lamp will make their work that much easier.

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9. Cup Holder

Food and keyboards are not a good combination. Liquids, especially with keyboards, is definitely an accident waiting to happen. You can gift your friend a cup holder this coming Christmas for holding their hot or cold drinks while working.

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10. Incense Burner

You can inspire your creativity, soothe yourself to sleep, and relax your mind with this incense burner gift depending on the type of aromas you like. How about Apple and Cinnamon or Pumpkin Spice for the holiday season? A great decorative addition to your home office.

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11. Desk Organizer

Want to make your work from home colleague super organized and neat then help by getting the right accessories for their desk for ultimate productivity. No more lost notes or pens as everything will have its place.

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12. Coffee Mug

You can never go wrong with a coffee mug. A good Christmas gift that compliments the coffee warmer. You can get the mug printed with something inspiring or funny for your loved one that will keep them motivated every time they pick it up.

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13. Spa Gift Set

It’s so easy to forget that your home working loved one also needs some self-care. Why not get them a delicious smelling and relaxing spa set to unwind after a long day?

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14. Smart Coffee Warmer

Ever had that perfect cup of coffee and wish that it could stay warmer for longer? This is also another ideal birthday or Christmas gift for people who work from home. They can warm a cup of coffee as they work.

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15. Essential Oils

Your friends or relative who work from home would love this gift. As a way to wind down after a long day working from home or as a way to motivate and come up with creative ideas essential oils can be placed in a diffuser to enhance and freshen the air and promote positive energy.

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16. Stainless Steel Water Bottles

It’s pretty easy to get dehydrated when concentrating on your work. Make sure that your work from home partner always has some water nearby to keep them refreshed and hydrated.

The selection of water bottles that are easily available on Amazon are great on a desk, as non-spill and when out and about, non-sweat bottles plus it’s so much better for the environment.

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17. Standing Desk

A work from home friend would appreciate this gift because it has many health benefits by having the versatility to work sitting or standing it helps burn more calories, and can assist with the prevention of the sedentary lifestyle.

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18. Lap Desk

If a remote worker wants a change of environment and wants to work from the couch or in the garden then a lapdesk is a great accessory to work from.  A lapdesk provides a sturdy platform, a cushioned base and some even have a cooling element.

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19. Positive Picture Quotes

If your work from home friend has a special area where they work from or a home office get the picture-perfect wall art to keep them motivated.

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20. Forever Spin

If you need something to focus on to get inspiration while working at home and look great on your desk then this unique gift can inspire some productive ideas and provide therapeutic thoughts. You can even collect the whole precious metal set.

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21. Freelancing Books

If your work from home family member or friend needs some guidance then check out the wide range of books available on Amazon at the link above or check out the reviews and look inside the book below to find out more about the Gig economy.

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22. Wireless Speakers

If you want to have a great looking and sounding office then having a wireless and bluetooth speaker is a perfect gift for working from home people. They can enjoy better sound quality than playing from a computer and listen to their favorite podcasts and favorite tunes to keep them inspired.

I’m absolutely loving this realistic LED flicker flame wireless speaker pictured below that you can check out on Amazon.

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23. Gift Cards

People who work from home use a whole range of products and services. I’m sure your loved one would love a Christmas gift card such as those from the popular department stores plus iTunes, Spotify, or Starbucks.

24. Breakfast Sandwich Makers

If you’ve not tried one of these you’ve not lived! Easy to use, convenient, quick clean and quick cook for the perfect breakfast sandwich. Great kitchen gadget for the whole family.

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25. Wireless Charger

Charge a number of devices at the same time. Never run out of charge again with fast charge capability. Keep area free of multiple cables with a sleek design that will look great on any desk.

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A few gifts that you might not have thought of especially if a work at home mom or dad has the kids around then I advise you to quickly check out this post on how to occupy and entertain the kids for hours with excellent indoor gift ideas and activities when working at home.

Final Thoughts on Best Work from Home Gifts

From the list of these great gifts above you can see how you can help make a family member or friend who works from home very happy.

By getting any one of these best work from home gifts you can save them time, make them more organized, inspire them, help them to relax and reenergize their creative ideas and also help them to keep healthy.

All these helpful gadgets, accessories and tools will hopefully help them to get more clients, be more streamlined and grow their business while working from a more comfortable home environment.

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