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The Best Home Office Desk Accessories for Under $50 To Stay Creative

The Best Home Office Desk Accessories for Under $50 To Stay Creative

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One of the best ways to stay motivated while working at home is to have the right working environment. The thing that can help with that is by having the right desk accessories for your home office and they don’t have to be expensive. 

You can find unique home office desk ideas that are fun, inspirational, adorable and just plain useful that will make working from home that much more bearable.

No more squeezing a boring old stress ball or using the same old paper clips. Now you can find trendy alternatives that will put a smile on your face and impress your friends and family that they will ask where you got them from.

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With these wonderful work accessories, you might even give them ideas of what they can get you for future special occasions that you will truly love.

So with that being said here is my list of some of the most adorable and affordable desk accessories for your home office for under $50.

Yes, I’m also trying to keep your budget down while you dress up your home office.

Find out how to get the best home office desk accessories for under $50

Fun Desk Accessories for a Home Office

Digital Backgrounds

If you’ve been having more and more online meetings now is the time to spruce up your background. No more kicking clutter under your desk or trying to find the tidiest place to video yourself from. Why not try out any one of these fancy backgrounds to really upgrade your zoom call. Best part is these are not only under $50 they are absolutely FREE.

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Animal Post-it Note Dispenser

Need to jot down a quick note then this cute donkey will safely hold your written notes and messages. Available in 3 colors.

buy now button donkey post it holder for home office desk

Unique Shaped Push Pins

Get your thoughts together and pin important notes and docs to your memo board with these stylish red stiletto pins

buy now button red high heeled shoe push pins to use as a work from home office desk accessory.

Faux Succulents

Love plants but not green-fingered? Then dress your desk up with these faux succulents.

buy now button for decorative faux succulents  to put on your home office desk.

Cool Fun Shaped Paper Clips

Keep your paperwork neat with these super cute animal-themed paper clips.

buy now button for animal shaped paperclips a much needed desk accessory.

Mini Filing Cabinet Business Card Holder

This mini filing cabinet is the absolute cutest. File away all your collected business card contacts right here.

buy now button for mini business card filing cabinet for desk.

Glam Stiletto Shoe Device Holder

Are you a glam queen then this is the perfect desk accessory for you.

buy now button for glam stiletto device holder to dres up your home office desk..

Floral Decorated Pens

Want to add a bit of feminine glamour when writing at your desk? These floral decorated pens will provide just that. Great money saver as they come with refills.

buy now button for floral decorated pens with refills.. Excellent looking pens.

Stylish Stapler Bundle

Why not coordinate all your desk accessories with this super stylish stapler bundle. You can match it with the lamp and wireless keyboard below.

buy now button for rose gold stapler bundle

Ladybug Desk Vacuum

Need to keep your area clean and tidy? Then use this cute and kitsch ladybug to keep your work area spik and span.

buy now button of ladybug desk vacuum cleaner. Keep your desk tidy with this great work at home accessory.

Mini Humidifier

Keep your office space fresh and your skin moisturized and hydrated with this cute mini train humidifier on your desk. Available in two colors.

buy now button for mini train humidifier for your office desk

Block Calendars

Not only is this a block calendar but also a super useful and attractive desk organizer.

Calendar desk block and organizer buy now button.

Cute USB Flash Drives

Your thumb drive or flashdrive whatever you call it doesn’t have to be boring. You can get them in any shape or any memory size. A popular TV or film character, feminine and chic diamante encrusted. The choice is yours.

buy now button for diamante pink crystal lipstick shape flash drive.

Ironman Character Wireless Mouse

If you’re a Marvel fan then you will love using this Ironman Mask mouse and having it displayed on your home office desk. You can even get the matching USB flashdrive to go with it.

Ironman Wireless Mouse buy now button

Executive Knight Pen Holder

Have you always wanted to be treated like royalty? Well, now you can with this ready and waiting shining knight pen holder serving you at your work at home desk. It comes in a variety of metals.

Shining knight pen holder buy now button for one of the best home office desk accessories.

Trendy Desk Lamp

How about getting a trendy rose gold Edison lamp for your desk to light up your work when working at home in the evenings.

Edison Desk lamp buy now button

Trending Rose Gold Wireless Keyboard

No more untidy wires, make a fashion statement on your home office desk with a color-coordinated minimalist wireless keyboard. All choices within this list are all under $50 but if you really want to go for it you can choose this retro style one. I absolutely love it.

buy now button for rose gold wireless keyboard

Thoughts on Best Home Office Desk Accessories

Decorating and personalizing your work area is one of the best ways to up your creativity and productivity. From the choices above it’s great that you can choose items for your home office that can suit your personality along with your mood.

You can select items that inspire and motivate you to work even harder on your working goals. The best part is you can do all this on a cheap and cheerful budget of under $50 and have your work at home office looking great.

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