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Most Impressive Work From Home Gift Ideas

Most Impressive Work From Home Gift Ideas

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Hey, have you started thinking about buying gifts yet? You know it’s best to start now as that special time of year is just around the corner. If you can get the gift buying done early you can avoid the last-minute mad rush and the dreaded “out of stock” sign.

Got a work from home hero in your household to buy a gift for or are you a happy client who wants to find the perfect gift for your Virtual Assistant or telecommuter? Well, get gift buying now!

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Need some inspiration on what to get them? Here’s a super list of on-trend and classic work from home gifts, So let’s get started with the Most Impressive Work From Home Gift Ideas.

Work From Home Hero

Do you know who a work from home hero is? They cover all industries and roles such as being a Proofreader, Virtual Assistant, Blogger, Content Writer, Computer Programmer, Project Manager, Engineer, Graphic Designer, Voice Actor, Creative Crafter, Online Tutor, Side Hustler and not forgetting Mom or Dad the list is endless so you know there are a lot of gift ideas you can get.

Christmas decorated desk

As you all know, it’s always great to receive a gift from someone but knowing just what to buy can be a real challenge. When planning on buying a gift for a work from home hero it’s good to know what stage they’re at in their business. Are they a newbie, an intermediate or an expert remote worker? Here a few suggestions for you.

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Magnificent Gift Ideas for the Work from Home Newbie

If you are a friend or family member have a look at their work area, is there something that you could add that would make their life easier, neater or happier? But remember DON’T TOUCH anything. Is there anything that they’ve been mentioning on a regular basis and currently saving up for?

These  are my category suggestions:

  • Useful physical gift
  • Time-saving gift
  • Learning/educational gift and the
  • Novelty gift

Show the work from home hero in your life that you really have been paying attention and have an interest in them enjoying their work from home lifestyle and wanting to improve their skills.

Don’t forget to take advantage of Amazon Prinme and get a 30 day FREE trial and get unlimited 2 day free shipping on all your gifts. Plus you get to watch bingeworthy TV shows, movies and Kindle ebooks.

1. Stainless Steel Travel Mug

One simple gift that definitely stands out for me is my trusty Stainless Steel Travel Mug. I’m a tea drinker so I keep it topped up with various flavored teas while at my desk. I love the autoseal function and it comes in a range of colors, I have the Very Berry one.

buy now button for contigo bottle

It can be used for both hot and cold drinks but I mainly use it because of a near accident with my laptop a few months back. I’m now quite happy to have my travel cup on my desk and if it tips over woohoo! No spills.

I read in a Facebook Group recently that a fellow blogging colleague had the same kind of incident so my advice to you is to definitely get one of these it’s a lot cheaper than a new laptop or computer.

2. Traditional Coffee Mug

If your freelancer friend is a traditionalist and would prefer a coffee mug on their desk how about this one pictured below. 

buy now button for traditional coffee mug with quote

3. Travel Kits

Want to save your digital nomad friend valuable time no matter where they are? Get them a combo pack which will help them run their online business at home and abroad like clockwork. A Portable Powerbank. It charges in half the time, is long-lasting, compact, versatile and stylish.

A useful World Travel Adapter that can charge up to 5 devices at once and is fully surge protected. And, to complete the combo pack a great looking fashionable backpack available in 3 colors that can hold all their devices and working documents. Check out the video for the full details.

buy now button for backpack

4. Manage Your Day-to-Day Book

How about a useful work from home book that can help them to focus and stay on the path of success.  Get this book gift-wrapped ASAP!

Fabulous Work from Home Gift Guide for the Novice

For those work from home heroes who are at the next level and ready to step up their business how about getting any one of these perfect gifts.

5. Hostinger Hosting

If you noticed that your blogger or Virtual Assistant partner is using a free hosting platform and now needs a professional-looking website address that they can be proud of why not purchase one for them through Hostinger.

I personally use Hostinger’s Premium service and can’t fault them. They have excellent customer service with great competitive prices starting at only $3.49 month for an unlimited number of websites and best of all it has a quick link function to for super easy installation.

6. Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser and Humidifier

You may have you noticed your remote working colleague getting a bit stressed lately working really hard to get their business to the next level? 

buy now button for aromatherapy air diffuser

Help them to make time for some self-care, get their mind, spirit and body right with an Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser and Humidifier and don’t forget to include an Essential Oil Gift Pack so they can choose the perfect scent to fit or soothe their mood.

7. Adjustable Laptop Stand

Is your work from home hero doing a little catch up on the emails? Why not get them an adjustable laptop stand to reply to those messages in comfort from anywhere. If they’ve been sitting at the desk for most of the day they might just need that little bit of relief.

buy now button for adjustable laptop stand

8. Headset with Noise Cancellation and Microphone

Trying to concentrate on your work while the kids are around? How about cancelling out all that background noise of your surroundings when speaking with clients or doing transcription.

buy now button for headset to freelance from home

What you need is a good quality headset.  Airpods are nice but having a powerful microphone with noise cancellation is key when wanting to get away from noise distractions.

Ultimate Work from Home Gift Ideas for the Expert

What can you give to a work from home hero who is already pretty established and earning a good income? You could still try one or two of the gifts suggested above but it’s probably best not to overthink it.

9. Unique Tech Gifts

A very tempting gift for the expert freelancer when on the move is the Dual Pro Portable Monitor. It’s great when working on the go, has an easy plug and play function and very lightweight when attached to a laptop.

buy now button for dual pro portable monitor

Worried about sitting at your desk for long periods of time, no need to worry, you can now get fit while you sit. Give out hints for an Under-desk Elliptical. Easily connect to your fitbit, android and ios phone ready to track your progress.

buy now button for cubii under desk eliptical

10. Journals and Planners

Get some new inspirational journals. You can never have too many of these and they just might be running out of space in their current ones.

New Year is just around the corner so get those planners for your work from home hero now so they can continue to be on top of their game.

11. Stationery

Another great gift especially if your work from home hero has started attending events and seminars is to arrange some great looking business cards. If you know they have their website/blog, logo, social media and email all arranged you might consider paying for a custom business card design for them.

Have you heard them discussing wanting to create a course? Then sign them up with Thinkific a powerful platform for creating and selling online courses and the best part is they can get started for free.

13. Novelty T-Shirt

One gift that you must get your work from home hero especially if you're on a bit of a budget is the funny T-Shirt. You just can't go wrong with this and there are so many choices now as the online working world is increasing every day.

buy now button for work at home t-shirt

Handmade Work from Home Accessories

Why not get something inspiring and handmade for the freelancer or blogger in your life. There are a range of beautiful wall art and prints that you can get for the home office wall or desk.  What about some handcrafted relaxing scented candles.

14. Inspirational Wall Art

Whenever your work from home hero loses focuses all they have to do is look at this wall art and get straight back to it.

Here's an inspirational wall print.

buy now button for she believes wall print

15. Handcrafted Scented Candles

Personalized gifts are always a great choice. Why not this perfect and truly appreciated gift of a personalized scented candle to relax and stimulate inspiring ideas.

buy now button for customized scented candles

16. Desk Accessories 

To complete the picture of a zen-like home office having beautiful desk accessories is a great final feature. Like this attractive Make Things Happen folder set.

buy now button for feminine folder set

A Decorative Air Plant Terrarium

buy now button for plant terrarium

17. Quote Collection

An extra special gift that I love to share is Beautifully Said, a wonderful and inspiring collection of quotes with backstory by motivational women. An exceptional gift for the special girl, woman or female friend no matter where they work.

buy now button for motivational quote book

Do you have any other gifts that you could add to this list? It doesn't matter if it's for a birthday, Christmas or a special holiday it would be great to know what you plan on getting your work from home hero.


If your remote working partner is in the learning phase of their business you might want to read this post and share it with them.

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Perfect work from home gift ideas for the remote worker. Get the work from hero in your life something special this Holiday Season. Get inspired by the selection of great gifts to help them work from home. #greatgiftideas #chirstmasgifts #workfromhomegifts #workfromhome #remotework