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How to Quit Your Job and Tell Family You’re Working From Home

How to Quit Your Job and Tell Family You’re Working From Home

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How to Quit Your 9-5 Without Causing Family Stress

Has the drudgery of your job been getting you down? Are you on maternity leave and dreading going back to work? Have you reached the point where you just want to quit your job to become your own boss and work from home but scared of telling friends and family?

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You’re not alone. This topic is discussed more and more in various Facebook Groups and those that are feeling the trepidation of bringing up the subject with their friends and families get tremendous support and encouragement from group members whether it be Facebook, LinkedIn or private membership groups.

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It’s absolutely fantastic getting encouragement from complete strangers who are there to listen to your doubts and tell you that ‘you’ve got this’. But wouldn’t it be great to get this same support system from friends and family?

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You wouldn’t think it would be so difficult to understand wanting to quit your job to do remote work considering that within the next 10 years approximately one-third of employees will be working from home.


Reasons For Wanting To Quit Your Job

There are a number of reasons why you want to quit your job but the number one reason is

  1. You want to spend more time with family.
    a. You just had your first child.
    b. You have a young family
  2. You absolutely hate your job
  3.  You want to fulfil your lifelong dream of starting a business
  4. You like your job but only want to work part-time
  5. You have developed a chronic illness.

A great book to help you on your way is Serve No Master. You also might want to read this post as to why you want to quit your job.


“A lot of people go to work everyday miserable, all they do is talk all day about how miserable they are but don’t do anything about it!”  Les Brown

quit your job to work from home

How to Quit Your Job and Tell Your Family

This dreaded task is one of the most difficult. Why? Well most family members, unless they themselves are making money online, don’t believe that it is possible. They’ll have doubts and warn about online scams all through concern.

Having a supportive network of family and friends is not always an option and that is something that sometimes just comes with the territory.

It can be distressing to know that partners, parents, siblings and friends are not there for you in your new career or business endeavour but the only way to make them come around is to prove it.


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Believe it or not, telling your boss you’re quitting your job although scary is the easy part. Actually telling your friends and family is the hardest.

There are ways to make the transition a little easier by planning how you are going to go about it.

It is said that in case you lose your job you must always have 3 months salary stashed away. That also applies if you plan on quitting your job, preferably 6 months salary saved.

This should allow you enough time to find something else or get your work from home business set up while still being able to pay the bills.

In reality, how often do you do that, set aside money for this very reason? Start saving now as this is part of the planning that will make it easier to explain to your family that you’re quitting your job. Start putting it into practice immediately if you really want to quit your job in the very near future.

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If you already have a side hustle that you want to grow into a great business take those spare moments of time to get it more established to build up a regular income.

Doing this while still in full-time work is way hard but it will show your dedication, determination and show that you can earn decent money too.

Have a great hobby that you could turn into a work from home business? If you’re anything like me you have been researching, researching and doing even more research.

That’s great but how about DOING instead. You won’t get any results unless you start and there is no better time than now. Decide if you want to work for a company virtually or run your own freelancing business or even become a blogger.

Have a watch of this CNBC Make It video on quitting your job by Suzy Welch.

Starting from scratch as a freelancer or blogger can take a bit of time to make some real money and you may have to undergo some online training (you must budget for this) if you don’t already have the skills.

If you want to start earning straightaway once you quit your job you might have to do transcription, online chat, customer service rep jobs for companies like Rev, Amazon or American Express, check out Rat Race Rebellion for the latest opportunities.

These type of jobs can be done temporarily until you get to the point where you can establish your own business if you want to. So it’s always best to get the ball rolling as a side hustle before and after work and even in your lunch break if you can.

Look, no one said being your own boss was easy so you have to know that you really want to do this. Find out how to Fire Your Boss!

With you putting in the hours showing gradual results will bring your friends and family onside with your future plans when you decide to go full-time. Doing it this way will show them that you are committed to making your business whatever it may be a success.

The key factor to remember is that you’re doing this for YOU. You’re working from home because you want to, because it makes you happy, you are less stressed knowing that you are the boss, you no longer have to commute and if in the process you prove them wrong in their opinions then so be it.


Reasons Why Family Don’t Want You to Quit Your Job

1. You have a stable income with benefits
2. You’re in a great job and having a job is better than none
3. How will you manage without an income
4. How will you take care of the family
5. How will you clear your debts
6. You never stick to anything you’re living a pipe dream.
7. You can’t make money online
8. They might have failed when starting their own business

One Facebook Group that I’m in had a member state her doubts about sharing what she did as a work from home job to a family member.

One of the member responses which I found to be hilarious but true was “if you don’t finance, feed or @*?! me then you have no right to know or have an opinion on my business. As extreme as that sounded it is, in fact, true.

So many times we are so worried about what others will think of us and our decisions. There is a positive and negative way to express opinions and it doesn’t have to be by tearing down someone else’s dream.

Sometimes family can be the most judgmental and their own worst enemy when providing advice but it’s usually because they care and have our best interest at heart. It just comes out wrong.

So before telling your friends and family about your future work from home plans if they are unsupportive, try out these 7 essential steps first.

how to quit your job and work from home

7 Steps to Take Before Telling Friends and Family You’re Quitting Your Job

  1. Figure out exactly what you want to do
  2. Get the necessary skills, learn and practice. Take free and paid courses
  3. Join Facebook Groups
  4. Find a mentor or accountability partner who works from home within your area if possible. Don’t worry if you can’t Google Hangouts, Skype or FB Messenger are great alternatives if they are not nearby.
  5. Try your new work from home job as a side hustle or work part-time before sharing
  6. Assess the results and make changes to improve
  7. Continue your work from home goal

Following these 7 steps will make it less stressful for you and for your family and friends when you want to quit your job.

You will have established a system, be able to answer any questions and concerns they may have and also be able to show them solid positive results of what you have done so far.

Once you put all these things in place it is then the ideal time to tell them that you plan on quitting your job.

Having a supportive network is truly important. Knowing that you have friends and family rooting for you to succeed in your work from home business and able to have your back and cheer you up even when things get tough is key to you reaching your goal.

They might not understand exactly the ins and outs of what you do but just having someone say keep going, you’re doing great is reward enough.

If you’ve already taken the plunge in quitting your 9-5 go why not share how you did it by making a comment below. If you have friends or family who are in this same predicament why not share this post with them or Pin it for later.

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