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Top Work From Home Nursing Jobs

Top Work From Home Nursing Jobs

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Admit it, you love your job as a healthcare worker but lately, the stressful walls of your health care institution just don’t cut it for you.

If only there was a job that still allowed you to put your Nursing degree to good use while giving you the flexibility to regain some control over your working week wouldn’t you want to know where you could find such a nursing job?

Well as astonishing as it may seem, you can actually find and do work from home nursing jobs.

There are no limits to the jobs you can perform while working from home. There are the usual work from home jobs of Data Entry, Transcription, Social Media but in truth, there are also in-demand jobs that you can do from home as a Registered Nurse.

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If you’re a Nurse by profession and are interested in transitioning into a work from home position here are a few of the top work from home nursing jobs you can consider.

Nursing Jobs That Can Be Done Remotely

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Telehealth Nurse


The role of a Telehealth Nurse is a pretty straightforward one. Essentially, they work as the middleman between, Doctors Offices, Hospitals, and other Medical Facilities.

While there are some patients who will pop in for a Doctor’s visit the minute something appears amiss, there are others who will prefer to refer their signs and symptoms to a qualified healthcare professional prior to making the Doctor’s Office trip.

As a Telehealth Nurse, this is where you come in. You will be required to answer the questions of such patients over the phone and provide them with any further assistance they may need.

The provision of this assistance could range from partaking in tasks such as referencing over the counter treatment options or even assisting with ambulance dispatch in life-threatening cases.

To fill the position of a Telehealth Nurse you are generally expected to possess at least a Bachelor of Science in Nursing.

However, even if you have a BSN due to the nature of the work you must be an excellent communicator, a good listener, and a visual thinker.

Freelance Medical Writer

If you’ve always had a knack for writing and are already versed in medical lingo, here’s your chance to combine the two to make money with your medical knowledge.

As a Medical Writer, you’ll enjoy a little more flexibility in your work hours whilst being able to work from anywhere around the world.

Best part? Your days will never get boring as you’ll always have a steady stream of content to create, and be able to write on various medical topics.

Today your writing jobs could include writing blog posts and press releases and tomorrow you’re writing an academic journal article or a health feature story in a newspaper.

You’ll never have to worry about the sustainability of your job or job prospects as there will always be a need for the creation of information that is of medical value.

The job of a Freelance Medical Writer is best suited for a person who is able to write engaging and informative content suitable for reading by the general public, who has years of medical know-how and may or may not possess a Master of Science in Nursing.

Insurance Claims Specialist

If you are looking for a position still within the health field that is a lot less demanding, then the position of an Insurance Claims Specialist might just be what you’re looking for.

As an Insurance Claims Specialist, your job will involve assisting insurance companies in evaluating whether the claims of their clients for particular illnesses are covered by their respective policies.

If these claims are indeed covered by the claimant’s policy it will be your duty to instruct the company how much funds each claimant should be given.

A role of this nature is suitable for a Nurse Practitioner as they would have already gained some level of medical training and will therefore be more familiar with the illness’s individuals will want to make claims for.

Outside of the fact that this position is one that can be performed remotely, it also has the added benefit of being one of the highest paying work from home Nursing jobs.

Healthcare Recruiter

As a Nurse, you already have some amount of in-depth knowledge as to how the healthcare system works and there are many medical jobs that need just the right candidate to carry out essential caring and life-saving roles successfully.

The necessity of choosing the right person for the job cannot be overemphasized and this is where the role of a Healthcare Recruiter is a vital one.

In this position, your job will entail assisting healthcare institutions in identifying the right candidate to fill job vacancies. As such, your daily duties could include reviewing CVs and resumes, conducting interviews, performing background checks, and posting job listings.

While much of these duties can be performed extensively online, you should bear in mind that there might be days when you’ll be required to meet in office.

Regardless, you’ll find that this position allows for a lot more flexibility than working as a Registered Nurse.

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Legal Nurse Consultant

Whenever people speak about certain professions, such as medicine or law, they are generally viewed from two different sides of the spectrum.

We never imagine that a Doctor could double as a Lawyer or vice versa. Yet, the role of a Legal Nurse Consultant combines the roles of a little of both professions.

As a Legal Nurse Consultant, your chief duty is to provide clearer medical understanding to legal professionals with expertise in medical related issues such as worker’s compensation and personal injury, just to name a few.

On the job responsibilities may involve you investigating and interpreting client medical records or scheduling and following up on the results of medical examinations.

Unlike other work from home jobs, this position offers a lot of versatility as you could either be a full-fledged employee of the company, an independent contractor or even a freelancer.

It goes without saying that this position is best suited for an individual who is passionate about medical law in addition to having previous medical experience.

Final Thoughts on Remote Work From Home Nursing Jobs

The work from home space is a very diverse one. Chances are you can find a work from home position in almost any niche you can imagine even if that niche is Nursing.

If you are ready for a slight career shift or want to retire from your traditional nursing position, you can still do variations of the job you love from the comfort of your home. Any of the suggested work from home Nursing jobs is definitely a good place to start.

If you found this post helpful or have friends and family in the Nursing field who would love the idea of performing the job they love while working from home don’t forget to share it with them.

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