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Make Easy Money by Decluttering and Selling Your Junk

Make Easy Money by Decluttering and Selling Your Junk

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Clear Out and Organize Your Home to Make Extra Cash

Do you want to clear some debt and make some extra cash? Do you want to know how you can make some easy money right now? Well, today I’m going to tell you how you can make some extra money just by having a clear out. Yep, today you’re going to learn how to make some extra dough by decluttering and selling your junk.

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You probably have a lot of extra stuff that you no longer use lying around the house.

More than likely this will include clothes that you no longer wear, useless furniture you no longer like, old electronics that are outdated or broken that you tell yourself you’re going to fix one day, toys your kids no longer play with, small home appliances that hubby is going to use for spare parts, video games that you no longer play, or books that you’re probably are never going to read again.

Getting rid of such stuff can save you an enormous amount of space and make your home less cluttered. Whether your primary objective is to declutter your home or get rid of useless stuff, you can make extra cash by selling your junk. Now get ready as I share ways in which you can make easy money by decluttering and selling your junk.

Best Ways to  Make Money Fast by Decluttering

Sell Big and Good Stuff on eBay, Craigslist, or Amazon Stores

Market places such as eBay, Craigslist, GumTree and Amazon offer a great platform to sell your junk. Although kids junk like toys may not do so well here, you can make easy money by selling bigger stuff, for instance, computer equipment, electronics, video games, and books.

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The best thing about it is you do not have to be an expert trader to make decent money on these platforms. All you need to do is add quality photos of the items, fill out the product description with great keywords and categories. The items will then show up for people to view when they search for keywords related to the items you are selling.

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Sell Kids Clothes and Toys Through Consignment Stores

The best way to sell kids clothes and toys is through consignment stores or sales. Although sites like eBay provide a bigger market, there is too much supply and the competition is steep. This means that your bundles of kids clothes will not fetch that much money, and you will have to spend a lot of time posting photos and answering questions from potential customers.

Consignment companies, on the other hand, take on the hassle of taking photos and sending parcels to customers. They also offer a good price for your products, especially if they are of good quality.

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Sell Some Stuff on a Seasonal Basis

You can make more money by selling some of your stuff seasonally.

For instance, big branded products like clothes and outdoor toys can attract better prices during the holidays. Other products like kids bikes are more in demand during the warmer spring and high summer months, going for a higher price.

If you’ve got the space you can hold onto some of the stuff for the holidays and make up to double the price by selling just at the right time. So you see you are gradually clearing out your clutter and making some much-needed money at the same time.

Sell Your Old Phones and Make Easy Cash

Old phones and their assorted chargers and cables tend to be scattered everywhere in the house. A lot of people do not know what to do with these old phones and gadgets they no longer use. They end up stuffing them in ‘that drawer’ hoarding them for emergencies when the current phone stops working.

However, these gadgets can be a source of extra cash when sold in the right way. Sites like Envirofone, Swopsmart, and Gazelle buy old smartphones, laptops, and tablets made by Apple. You can also sell used gadgets on eBay. I can tell you that you will be amazed by the large number of people looking to buy used devices for a cheaper price and a great way to make some quick money.

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Sell Unwanted Books on Buyback Sites

You can sell your unwanted books on buyback sites instead of leaving them scattered around the house or buried in the basement or attic if not on bookshelves.

Books by popular authors usually attract a favorable price on these sites, and most will pay for the shipping costs too. Some of the sites that you may consider to sell your unwanted books include Sell Back Your Book, Cash 4 Books, Book scouter and Amazon.

Get Rid of Junk Through Yard Sales

Yard sales are a good old-fashioned way of getting rid of your junk. Typically, there is always a yard sale somewhere in your neighborhood every summer so why not you. Potential frugal customers will come from far and wide in search of a great deal.

You can collect the items around the home and host a traditional yard sale during specific times of the year. You can also enlist other families to join, and hold an even bigger sale too. One great tip is to get some price tags made up for the items, pick a prime date, and quickly get the word of the yard sale out.

As far as decluttering is concerned, the list of items you can sell is endless. All you need to do is identify the items around your home that are still useful and that someone else would want. The most important thing is to identify all the avenues that expose your stuff the best way to potential buyers. You can choose to sell them in person or use any of the available online platforms.

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