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5 User Testing Sites To Make Some Extra Money

5 User Testing Sites To Make Some Extra Money

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Use Your Spare Time To Make Some Extra Cash

You may not realize it but the time that you spend downloading a million and one apps on your smartphone or tablet you could actually be making money on those gadgets instead. Today I will let you know about 5 user testing sites to make some extra money.

There are companies out there that need user testers to test out the functionality of new applications, new websites, e-commerce stores etc and they need feedback from people just like you to test and review that they are user-friendly, compatible with all formats, look attractive and appealing to the eye, instinctive to a users movements and so on.

Now,  please note, this is not a career move but a quick way to make a few extra dollars here and there to help pay a one-off small expense or treat yourself to lunch (and I don’t mean at the Hilton) but as they say, every little helps. A lot of these user testing sites only require a short amount of time from you anywhere between 5 minutes to an hour and in return, they reward you with between U$1 and $25 for taking part. How cool is that!

There are quite a few companies out there that offer these opportunities, you will need to register so you must have a valid email address and an active Paypal account. Now you know why I brought up the whole issue of How To Receive Payment For Remote Work in an earlier blog.

The great thing is you don’t need to be a computer programmer or an app developer all you need to have is a basic understanding of how to use the internet and how to use a smartphone, tablet, laptop or pc.  Some of these user sites do require an entry test to find out your level but right now I will introduce you to a few that are open to all no matter where you are located in the world.

Make Extra Money With These 5 User Testing Sites

5 user testing sites to make some extra moneyUser Testing –They are currently looking for testers based all over the world including Latin America and the Caribbean if, like me, you’re based on a sunny island. Just follow the instructions online.

Whatusersdo – This website testing company is open to global residents just register to sign up, fill the application and take a simple test. Payments are made via Paypal.

Enroll – Another user testing site that is open globally and payment is sent via PayPal.

uTest – This site is also open to global residents but an application process will have to take place and is more for the tech-savvy user.

Testing Time – Sign up and register you must have access to Skype to take part. Once your application is accepted you may be asked to take part in various studies.

Try out these 5 User Testing Sites to make extra money. Need to make some extra cash? Use any one of these sites to make some money on the side just by using your phone or tablet. #extracash #sidehustle #makemoneyonline #makemoneyathome

There are many other user testing sites but as stated earlier not all are open to global residents. The best way to get as many testing opportunities is to sign up with as many as you can and do the tests to the best of your ability and fingers crossed,  you will be sent an email for you to take part in user testing on whatever device you feel most comfortable using. 

One more thing to add, when you do receive an email from any of these companies make sure to do the test asap, as it is based on a first come, first serve basis.

Feel free to pin this post for later to share these 5 user testing sites with your people. Everyone loves to make some extra money so please share. Happy testing!

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