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8 Best Apps That Pay You To Walk

8 Best Apps That Pay You To Walk

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I have to admit that I’m sharing this post with you due to my own bad habits. But there is a positive, as I get to share with you the 8 best apps that pay you to walk.

In the last 8 months, I have spent approximately 1600 hours sitting. On average I sit for 8 hours a day 5 days a week, racking up a grand total of 200 hours a month sitting on my ass.

This is a fact that I’m definitely not proud of, especially since within the space of those 8 months I’ve gained around 30 pounds. So why am I telling you this and why should you even care?

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Well, my life before the ‘stay at home’ pandemic was nothing like this. Back then even though I was sitting for approximately 5-6 hours a day, 5 days a week, without even trying I would record at a minimum 6000 steps and at maximum 10,000 steps. 

So what’s with all the numbers and what’s changed? I was active, walking, running errands, visiting people. Now I do the majority of things online.

To cope with the anxiety I have felt since the beginning of the pandemic, I threw myself into my work, which as you might already know, involves me sitting around my laptop working from home for a good part of the day. 

Now I’m not quite sure if it was the realization that my favorite blue skinny jeans no longer fit, or constantly being met with the greeting “Wow, you’ve put on so much weight” when I did venture out but I decided it was time to nip my weight gain and lack of a daily exercise routine in the bud.

Woman in tight jeans deciding to use apps that pay you to walk.

I did some research and found that there are easy ways you can get paid to walk. Now you understand my story. No matter what, I always try to find a way to show you how to make some money even if it means you and I have to use a walk and earn app to make it happen. 

If you want to learn more on how you can earn money by walking, keep reading to see the best apps that  will actually pay you to walk.

Which Apps Pay You To Walk?

There are two methods of how you can earn to walk. One is the quickest way to get money in your pocket as quite a few of the walking apps pay directly in cash via PayPal, while others pay you using a points system offering rewards such as gift cards.

All these walking apps are free to join and are easily downloadable on Android and iOS device and some can be used alongside your fitbit.

So get your comfortable walking shoes and when out and about don’t forget to always carry a water bottle to stay hydrated.

Apps That Pay You in Cash To Walk

1. Runtopia App

Runtopia is an app that provides you with ‘Sports Coin’ incentives for your daily activity which includes walking.

These ‘Sports Coin’ can be converted into rewards which include but are not limited to gift cards and Paypal cash prizes. Runtopia allows you to make money by completing tasks and tracking your steps. 

I must mention that a significant advantage of Runtopia is that the app is international and can be downloaded from almost anywhere in the world.

In addition, Runtopia is compatible with both Androids and IOS devices. So, if you’re looking for apps that pay you to exercise and also pay you to walk if that’s your focus, here’s a good start. 

2. Achievement App

Another awesome get money for walking app is the Achievement app. This one is very well known in the world of fitness apps.

Achievement rewards its users for physical activity with an in-app currency which can be exchanged into physical cash. Like Runtopia, Achievement is also Android and iOS compatible. 

On the app, you can earn up to 80 points a day if you maximize on physical activity, but there is a downside. Whilst the app encourages you to walk more the incentive for actually completing the action is limited.

To earn $10 from the app you will need to amass up to 10,000 points which limits you to only earning $30 a year. But team it up with some other walking apps and you can clock up some extra cash.

3. Stepbet App

Now here’s one that is a bit more fun. If you like a little competition and you don’t mind putting your money where your mouth is then Stepbet is the app for you. 

Essentially, what the Stepbet app does is allow you to bet on yourself with real money to reach your step/walking goals.

Each day the app resets your goal after monitoring your daily activities on your average days and your power days. If you don’t meet your goals then you lose money, however, if you do meet your goals then the reward is greater than the risk.

4. Yodo App

And for my final place on this cash list, I give you the Yodo app. The Yodo app is designed to get people in the habit of getting active. It uses a gamification mode to help encourage activity. 

The best thing about this app is as long as you complete your daily activity goals, you get to earn daily cash rewards. That’s right, daily! So get stepping!

Apps That Reward You For Walking

1. Sweatcoin App

This is the one app you are sure to come across when you decide to go into any of the app stores and look for apps that give you rewards to walk. 

Sweatcoins are virtual coins you earn by walking. The coins can be used online to claim various rewards. As popular as sweatcoin may be however, it is only available in certain regions of the world (the UK and US). Sweatcoin is available both on Androids and IOS. 

However, one drawback to Sweatcoin is that like many apps it does not track your indoor steps, so if you ever plan to use this app and earn anything, you’re gonna have to go out more.

2. Lifecoin App

Lifecoin gives you the opportunity to turn your outdoor steps into Lifecoins which you can use to claim cool rewards online. 

These rewards include gift cards and gadgets. LifeCoin even gives you the option to refer friends and family to earn even more coins. And you know what more coin means, more rewards. 

Additionally, it gives you the option to view how many steps your friends have taken for the day. So if you are competitive you can make a sport out of it and keep ahead of your walking group with those steps.

3. Lympo App

The Lympo app is an app that pays you to walk and take healthy challenges with its own virtual currency. 

The exercise app dishes out daily tasks to be completed and once it is completed you earn tokens that can be used towards getting rewards online. These rewards include amazon gift cards, fitness gear, sporting goods and much more.

Lympo currency or LYM tokens as they are called are not valued very much, so it will take a lot of steps to actually make ‘money’ to receive rewards from this app but every little helps.

4. PKRewards App

I find this exercise app to be one of the most interesting ones out there. My reason is not only does the PK Rewards app give you the ability to earn rewards for yourself but it also gives you the ability to support charities.

The more you walk the more you earn. So, if you or someone you know wants to get into the habit of walking and love to give back here’s an app that encourages both. 

Final Thoughts On Apps That Pay You To Walk

Well there you have it friends. You no longer have an excuse as to why you can’t find the time to exercise daily. As the saying goes time is money and since with any of the above apps you can get paid to walk, it’s time to start making some money.

If you found this post beneficial or know someone who would love to get paid to walk, don’t forget to share it with them.

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