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8 of the Best Free Resources for Remote Work

8 of the Best Free Resources for Remote Work

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When starting out in the remote working world keeping costs down as a newbie is very important. There is no point forking out large sums of cash for certain applications in the early stages when there are free resources that can do the job just as well. Here you will find 8 of the best free resources for remote work.

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8 Best Free Resources To Get Started

1. Grammarly – one of the best resources that everyone should have and which I can’t recommend enough. Grammarly comes as a free application and chrome extension or a premium application for a small cost if you want all the bells and whistles.

If you sometimes make a typo, or auto-correct takes over or if you use the wrong punctuation or sentence structure Grammarly is your best friend.

2. WordPress – If you want to have online presence WordPress is the perfect open-source platform to create an attractive website, blog or e-commerce store.

Fairly simple to use it has themes that are free and ones you can pay for. (To note you will have to pay for the external hosting of the site). Not only that there are literally lots and lots of compatible free plugins to enhance your website even more.

Just remember to use rather than .com if you want to start monetizing your site.

3. Canva – an absolutely fantastic free resource and simple graphic design program. I use this free resource all the time and the best part is you do not need to be a graphic designer to use it.

No Photoshop experience necessary to be able to create great looking banners for social media pages, ebook covers, presentations, website headers and a range of other design kits.

4. Free Stock photos – there are a few popular ones that you can use as part of your free resource kit. Pixabay which is my personal favorite, Pexels, and Unsplash.

5. Google Hangouts – A popular instant messaging and phone call and video call service. What’s cool about Google Hangouts is that you can easily link it to Google Suite and have everything all in one place.

Share your screen, add YouTube video, hold conference or group calls, collaborate on documents that are saved in Google Drive. It’s pretty multifunctional.

6. OTranscribe – This is a basic open-source audio and video transcription web app that is a great free resource when starting to do transcription documents for clients.

7. AndCo – This business system will make you look like you’ve been working for yourself for years.  Set up client proposals, contracts and invoices, track your time and expenses and all under your own brand. Very easy-to-use and can be integrated with your Paypal account when receiving payments

>>You can find out more about AndCo by reading this review (opens in a new tab)”>>>>You can find out more about AndCo by reading this review.

8. Buffer – This is a great social media scheduler that can help you to promote your work from home business on several platforms and you can do this for free for up to 3 social platforms with 10 scheduled posts.

This is an easy to use scheduler when just starting out as a newbie and an excellent way to promote your business and drive traffic through social media.

Schedule your posts on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and just set for ultimate productivity. Once you become established you can always upgrade to one of the Pro plans.

Another useful app is the VLC Media Player – Although you probably have a media player already installed on your laptop/pc one of the best ones for playing the majority of video formats like the dreaded mkv is VLC Media Player.

You might have noticed that a lot of the free suggestions made are open-source software. This is because the source code is open to all developers to freely modify and distribute all for our benefit.

Not only that, being open-sourced the many developers are open to user suggestions on how the software can be improved but best of all, it’s FREE to use.

There are many other free to use resources that are out there. I for one use xodo, a pdf reader and annotator when I’m proofreading at home or on the go.

I also use a few free online converters in case I receive audios or videos that are not in popular formats. The one that I most frequently use is a document and video converter called Zamzar. I think it can convert any video, audio, image, ebook, and CAD possibly in any language (slight exaggeration) but it’s very, very good.

If you know of any useful FREE resources why not share and let me know by commenting down below or sharing on my Facebook page

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