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Super Creative Ways to Make Money Through Your Kids

Super Creative Ways to Make Money Through Your Kids

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Let Your Kids Inspire You to Make Money Online

Did you know that your kids can help you makes lots of money? Yep, not only can they be helpful they can also be an excellent source of inspiration for you to start thinking about creative ways to make money.

Ever wondered why there are so many mom blogs, duh! It’s because their motherhood journey becomes an inspirational story for others and with learning what works and what doesn’t are able to help others.  How? By recommending excellent products or creating helpful products and services themselves.

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For instance, during those lack of sleep teething weeks/months a popular mom blogger may have an easy teething solution passed down for generations in her family and now you can use it successfully too. Do you see how easy you can find ideas to make money through your kids?

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In the middle of this process of sharing all this valuable parental information to you, these inspired online parents are able to monetize their blogs, vlogs and social media through ads and affiliate marketing just by the influence of their little bundles of joy and the result, the money starts to slowly trickle in and then begins to roll in once the popularity grows.

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Creative Ways Mom Bloggers Make Money Online

Perfectly Simple and Creative ways to make money and have fund with your kids. Earn a full-time income by playing and hanging out with your kids. Find out how you too can work from home while your kids help you make money online.

How about the thousands of parenting blogs out there such as pre-natal blogs, postnatal blogs, breastfeeding blogs, how to help babies sleep blogs, blogs for twin children, blogs on children of blended families, mixed-race children blogs, blogs for children with special needs, money-saving mom blogs, decluttering and organizing family blogs or vlogs.

Whatever you have an interest in or are passionate about as a parent you can create a blog or a vlog because there really is a need.

There are so many new and experienced parents who need genuine advice and if you can fill that gap then perfect. You might just be onto a money-making winner with your parenting methods, experiences and advice. 

This is just one of the great methods on how to make extra money on the side. This HuffPost can give you an idea of what these mom bloggers can do.

You can use your parenting skills to create a great tutorial, provide step-by-step courses on a myriad of family-centered topics, like meal prep ideas, how to save for a child’s education, the best way to teach kids about finances.

On a more fun side what about creating how to sew toys and children soft furnishing kits. With the interest that you will attract, you can then start to sell the patterns and this can be your creative way of making money on the side. Here’s a perfect example.

If you’re a passionate DIYer why not create ways to make money with your DIY ideas like these and promote on Instagram and Etsy or recommend interior designs for boys and girls nurseries and bedrooms.

Simple Crazy  Examples of Parents Using Creative Ways to Make Money

Have you ever heard of EvanTubeHD? Well through the help of his film-maker Dad as just a bit of fun he started up a YouTube Channel doing one of the best things ever, reviewing toys and other family-friendly stuff. Now which kid wouldn’t want to do that?

This father and son combo now has over 6 million subscribers and makes around $1.6 million a year. Crazy, right!

For you Dad’s out there being able to act like a big kid and get paid to play and review computer games can be absolutely awesome and if you’re a Lego stop-motion fan like my son what better way to get involved and have fun with your kids than by playing with the famous building blocks. You can get yourself a Lego stop motion kit right here.

You can add an e-commerce element by selling on your own website or through commissions on Amazon plus earn money through ads on your YouTube Channel. Just remember to avoid stepping on the Lego!

For even more creative money-making YouTube parent and child site check out some fun Dude Dad stuff.

I’m telling you there are some seriously dedicated and creative parents out there who are not only making money for themselves by being influenced by their children but also teaching their kids how to make money online too. 

If you want something a little less crazy how about Dad with a Pan. This is a great blog about a Dad who just loves to cook and provides great recipes that Dads can try out so they can give Mom a well-deserved night off plus fun family activities.

Here are a few more ways that your kids can help you make money.

little boy putting money in jar

Make Money Online with Homeschooling

If you’ve found methods that have helped you homeschool your children why not share it with the world by starting a blog and how about selling some user-friendly printables while you’re at it. You can find some useful resources here.

How about the ultra super-skilled printables Queen, Sarah Titus? This is a perfect example and a wonderful story of how you can win against all odds and make a success of a business when your children are your motivation. 

She figured out how to make money with digital art with her printables. Her Shopify store alone made $343,344 for the month of November 2018.

Let me just add this was not an overnight success story where you make money fast online but some hard, hard work that does eventually pay off.

Creative Money Making Crafts

A lot of times when you start to have children you just might put your artistic talents on the back burner but with the birth of YouTube and blogging plus your fabulous Instagram account where you can show off your great picture-taking skills you can now share your favorite creative ways of making child-friendly crafts.

You could also use your photography skills or learn how to create wonderful stock photo images of your kids doing various activities and selling to other bloggers and stock photo sites which is a great way to make a passive income.

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Want some more ideas on how to make money as a stay at home mom? Are you the best baker in the neighborhood? Why not specialize in children’s birthday cakes or baby shower cupcakes and cookies for your creative child-inspired business. Check out Happiness is Homemade for even more inspiration.

If you’re one of those people who love to use their Cricuit like Jennifer Maker then making super paper crafts that are family and children-focused is perfect.

Jennifer has now turned this into a $100,000 a month business and best of all she’s having fun doing it because she’s able to work from home on her own schedule doing what she loves.

How many times has your kid come home with a school project and you go straight to YouTube to see how to make the baking soda and vinegar volcano or a battery-operated fan made out of recycled products.

Well someone took the time to make and upload that video so why not you? You could be a dab hand at all these school projects and the perfect person to show others how to do it.

Want to know how you and your kids can become millionaires. Learn from these other bloggers how they did it by having fun. #creativewaystomakemoney #makemoneyonline #workfromhomejobs #earnmoneyonline

Travel with Family and Earn Cash

If you’re an avid traveler and are an expert at traveling with kids then the information that you have stored up is absolutely invaluable.

You can share and review the best kid-friendly places to go, recommend some of the best travel accessories to use plus where to get the best deals and biggest family discounts.

One of my favorite niche travel bloggers specializes in all things Disney, Mouse Travel Matters. If you want to know the best rides to try, which queues to avoid, which Disney theme park has the best selections of restaurants or shortest lines then this is the place to come.

So what have you learned? You’ve learned that there are real ways to make money from home just by getting ideas from your kids.

You’ve discovered that there are thousands of parents out there who have been influenced by their kids be it through homework assignments, play days, DIY, cooking, sports, hobbies to create and start blogs, podcasts, vlogs, side hustles, brick and mortar businesses and are very successful at it.


A lot of these parents through hard work and determination have made thousands of dollars a month, a week and even daily. So what are you waiting for? Why not let your kids help you find creative ways to make that money today!

If you’re now feeling inspired and raring to start your Daddy, daughter blog or your Mommy, son vlog why not share your ideas below or pin this for later for reference. Can’t wait to see what ideas you come with!

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