If you’re like me and work online why not take this opportunity and join me by getting your lists ready for Amazon’s OPTIMAL PRIME Day.  See what I did there, optimal, Optimus?

Best Ways On How To Use Amazon Prime Day to Your Advantage

You can start by sectioning your list to cover

Work From Home Items

Depending on what type of online work you do you might need some new technical equipment to make your work life easier. You might be a voiceover artist and need a new mic or a call center representative and require a headset. Also, a good backup is an external hard drive along with the cloud system, of course.

Back To School items

School holidays will soon be over so it’s time to get planning to pack and give away the clothes that the kids have grown out of to charity or your local church.  Get the list ready and try to purchase sturdy backpacks and lunch kits. Purchase easy to launder, non-iron, attractive yet durable clothing.

  • Stationery
  • Backpack and Lunchboxes
  • Back To School Clothing

General Household items

Have a quick look around your home and check out what you need not what you want and make your household list to get the latest deals.


There is always a playmates birthday just around the corner, a wedding to attend and family events so it’s always a good idea to have a couple of small gifts pre-purchased in case of time constraints or lack of immediate funds.

  • Birthdays
  • Any Special Events – Anniversaries, Graduations, Christenings, Weddings
  • Christmas. You can never start too early
  • Gift Cards are always a welcoming surprise

If you can get these items early on and at a discount, it will reduce all the stress later down the line, save you a ton of time and money for ONLY WHAT YOU NEED so that you can continue with your working from home online job with interruption of forgotten gift ideas.

One piece of advice for you though. As you’re a remote worker try not to get too carried away with looking through all the great Amazon Prime Deals as the day will just drain away and you’ll have a lot of work to catch up on.

So get yourself ready, set your budget, schedule a short window of time, say an hour to make a wishlist and start placing your orders on how to use Amazon Prime Day to your advantage when working online.