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Why Can’t I Receive Online Shopping Where I Am Located?

Do you ever feel like you’re located in the wrong place? I know I have.  Why can’t I receive online shopping where I am located?

I’ve registered and subscribed to so many online shopping website lists seeing the perfect item to purchase for family, friends and myself only to be thoroughly disappointed to be informed that ‘we do not deliver to your location’.

I mean, what is going on? Do I live under a rock, is there not a postal and courier service where I’m located? What’s with the delivery restrictions? I thought we lived in a “global village”? If you know the answer please let me know.

Considering we’re in the height of Black Friday Shopping plus the Christmas Season is just around the corner, I’m sure many of us would like to do some retail therapy for online purchases and get some great deals after working so hard from home or doing our main 9-5 job and don’t forget the side hustle. 

Online Shopping Website Lists That Deliver Anywhere in the World

After much searching through a whole lot of online shopping website lists I’ve discovered that certain online stores are just as good as the big main players, some are even bigger and deliver to our region at very reasonable costs. The only disadvantage delivery may take a little longer so you can’t be in a rush (between 20 – 26 days) if delivered direct.  You can even get free delivery sometimes,

Alternative Online Shopping Website Lists

Here are just a few of the online shopping websites that I use. AliExpress for really good deals on all types of goods, Ebay as an alternative option and GearBest for my techie stuff if I can’t get a good deal at AliExpress or Amazon.

So if you want online shopping websites for clothes, online shopping websites for electronics and so on there are many other options.

I use Amazon quite often but I have to use a shipping intermediary for delivery as some stores within Amazon do not ship to Jamaica, same with Ebay. With the intermediary, I can receive my items within 5-6 days which is great.

As I blog about worldwide opportunities let me tell you about an online shopping website called JUMIA which is rolling out across African countries (they are currently in Ghana, Uganda, Nigeria, Egypt, Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda, Senegal, Cameroon, Algeria, Tunisia, Ivory Coast and South Africa). 

I have heard they are a great online store providing a wide range of products and a pretty quick service over the last 5 years and are becoming more and more popular but I personally have not used them. Maybe you have used them before and can let me know. This would be a great option if you’re an expat, TESL, voluntary worker too.

When buying goods outside your country you have to factor in customs duties in your country depending on size and weight of the item when buying from online shopping websites.

Luckily here in Jamaica, the rule is if an item is valued under U$50 and under a pound in weight there is no customs duty.

Try and find out what the customs policy is where you are. Failing that, there a now quite a few local companies acting as a shipping intermediaries such as Mailpac, Shipme, which I’ve used and they are fantastic, convenient, well-priced and provides a very quick service, plus CaribShopper that have been created to assist with online shopping by providing you with a US/UK address for you to use when buying online and then they forward your purchased items to you.

They do this for a small fee, again depending on size and weight and customs duties but the good thing is it’s one charge so you won’t get any of those extreme and eyebrow-raising charges from customs. More and more companies are now offering this kind of service.

You might have noticed on the Teamwork Dream blog that most of the affiliate links and ads on the site all deliver globally to over 190 countries.

If you’re located in parts of the world that are not on the online shopping radar like Costa Rica and other South American countries, Ghana or other African countries,  Eastern European countries or like me in the Caribbean region the ones I use all deliver to these countries and if they don’t try and find out if you have a shipping intermediary in your country that can assist you.

Believe it or not there are some US States and territories that have this same problem of not being able to receive goods from certain online retailers.

Finding out that there are some great alternative options is a great help in finding online shopping solutions.

Being able to purchase certain equipment for my work from home business or just gifts for myself and family I now rarely come across online shopping websites where I have to ask Why Can’t I Receive Online Shopping Where I Am Located? 

Are you based outside the USA and UK? Want to buy goods online? Find the right online shopping website lists that deliver worldwide. Get your online items no matter where you are located. #buyonline #makeonlinepurchases #shoponline #onlineshopping

Since researching and testing out these online stores difficulty shopping is now a thing of the past and I’m happy clicking away getting the best deals shopping and receiving my orders in good time.

Don’t forget to share this post with others to make it easier to shop online if based outside of traditional countries.  Don’t forget once you have established yourself as a remote worker you can sign up and use your PayPal account or your Payoneer card to make online purchases.

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